The Deborah Dukes Women's Ministry organization seeks to empower, encourage, inform and inspire women to fulfill their true calling. We gather thousands of women together every year at the “Don't Block My Flow” Women’s Conference, other women's events, and we provide daily connection with our online community. Our mission is to help women live better, love better, serve better and give better, positioning them to make a kingdom impact.

Under the leadership of Deborah Dukes, Deborah Dukes Women's Ministry has formed partnerships with established and respected organizations in the U.S. and abroad to develop ongoing and far-reaching women’s empowerment programs.

  1. WE EDUCATE adult women by giving them spiritual and practical tools, through God's Word, that will help position them to change lives and make a positive impact in the kingdom of God.

  2. WE INVEST in women by creating programs to teach, train and equip them for the work of the ministry, and to help them become assets to the kingdom.

  3. WE CONNECT with women around the world through our websites, social media, conferences and activities – providing arenas for positive fellowship, encouragement, and spiritual instruction.

  4. WE ACT by encouraging women to “be the difference” that they want to see in their lives and in the world. Our programs empower women to effect change in their homes, churches, workplaces, communities and the world.

  5. WE INSPIRE people from all walks of life, through the Word of God, to learn from and move beyond their past and walk in the fullness of who God created them to be.

  6. WE HONOR all to whom honor is due. We believe that we should honor those in positions of spiritual and natural authority as well as those whose accomplishments and actions impact the kingdom of God.

  7. WE MOVE to stay healthy and fit for kingdom service. We encourage all women to live healthier lifestyles and empower them to do so by providing education on general health, fitness and proper nutrition. We also support several health awareness campaigns each year, such as breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease and others. We formed a dynamic partnership with Sentara Hospital to further facilitate education and testing.

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